Media and Information Literacy or M.I.L.  is something that most millennials including me would consider to be something as child’s play. This is primarily because of the ineludible exposure towards technology.

Add all forms of communications in technology and you get yourselves Social Media. A platform in which millions of voices and ideas are represented and recognized. This then is one reason why it is imperative for us to study Media and Information Literacy in order for us to step up our game to the global world.

As for me as an individual who is au courant of the current status quo regarding media and how information is represented with its own purpose or agenda, there is really an ardent desire within me to learn much more in the course subject. Particularly I am most interested in how Media or people behind the contents we see on our screen, present their ideas complete with their own agenda and bias. This is for me to use such extensive and flexible knowledge for my own purposes and at the same time be aware that agendas exist behind contents, for better or for worst.

The only reason why I enjoy this subject simply because IT IS Media and Information Literacy. As someone who literally loves learning (tried to learn 5 languages at the same time) there really is a passion burning in me to learn especially in this kinds of topic. Topics where something is represented, something is valuable, something worth knowing for the benefit of society as a whole.

Although this subject should come easy for me, there will be times where I won’t be able to quickly pick up the pace especially when the idea is too arbitrary or only known by their own group. The subject will challenge me then to critical thinking and logical reasoning in order to prevent from coming up with wrong information, misrepresentation, and miscommunication.

  • How is being a Media and Information Literate person a reflection of an Atenean?

Being an M.I.L. person is an important aspect of being an Atenean particularly on developing the attitude of learning and of course in line with the vision and mission of the Institution/University, in which they prepare us, learners, to benefit from, contribute to, and engage the global world. In order for us to benefit, contribute, and engage, we must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently on a global scale of a platform, which in this case is Media and be able to correctly handle information and distinguish facts from opinions and false statements.



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